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Welcome to Thunder Seed's Canadian Division


Thunder Seed, Inc., is a quality seed company which is backed by many years of experience through it's owner-operators. We invite you to explore these pages and discover everything from our trial data to financing to our varieties of seed.


Adams Seed

Wendell, MN

The Adams Seed name has a proud history in agribusiness dating back to 1957. To this day, Adams Seed’s focus is to offer the highest quality seed with the broadest spectrum of elite genetics found in our small grains, soybeans and hybrid corn varieties.


Testing is done in customer fields with competitive varieties along side. Because of our excellent results in the trials with high yields and overall performance, their seed speaks for itself. Adams Seed takes pride in its quality products and believes their customers deserve nothing less than the best.


Petermann Seeds

Hawley, MN


Petermann Seeds, located in the center of Clay County Minnesota, has been a family owned seed producing, seed cleaning and seed selling facility for over 50 years. At Petermann’s, the focus is to provide a top yielding, high-quality product with first class customer service.


The Petermann facility has two seed cleaners and a seed treating system, to keep up with the current trend of seed treatments and inoculants. Petermann Seeds offer a wide variety of wheat, both public and private labeled, Thunder corn and Round-up Ready soybean seed and conventional non-gmo food grade soybeans. They won’t sell anything that they wouldn’t plant themselves.


Tobolt Seed

Moorhead, MN

Tobolt Seed has been a family owned business for over 80 years and is the oldest seed facility in Clay County. Tobolt’s reputation has been first class for many years and they continue to take great pride in their farming operation, the ability to provide quality seed to customers, and exceptional customer service.


Today the company processes and sells wheat, barley, oats, and soybeans. Tobolt also has a treating system for all crops and two cleaners that are available to clean the seed. Tobolt Seed is a full service company contracted with growers to produce high-quality seed.

Matt Gilbertson, General Manager

Thunder Seed Canada, Inc.

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